So, what does this mean? Well, here is my story and what I think it means. I was born in a small town in southeastern Michigan, three miles north of the Toledo, Ohio border. We had the best of both worlds, malls, and fast food, but we also had horse farms and tree forts. My dad was always big into fishing on Lake Erie, deer hunting in the fall and mushroom hunting in the spring. My mom was into gardening, canning, making as much as she could from scratch and she could sew anything and everything. All of my favorite women in my family came from the depression era.

I would sit at my grandmother’s kitchen table and listen to her stories of life during the depression and what she had to learn to do to survive. My favorite great aunt lived on a farm that was in her husband’s side of the family for over a hundred years. Her tips on gardening and in the kitchen are still some of my most treasured memories. I have pictures of my grandma Lucille in her wool, buffalo plaid hunting gear and other photos of her sitting on a bucket ice fishing in the dead of winter. So, I was surrounded by all these people who had loved the outdoor lifestyle. They loved it and lived it not only out of necessity but also because it was their passion.

I had that same fire and passion deep down, but modern day life had gotten in the way. I had become complacent. It was easier to buy my veggies at the local grocery store. It was easier to buy a frozen premade dinners then it was to schedule the time to make meals ahead of time from scratch. Let us not forget the pull and noise of binge watching and social media in the palm of your hand. Getting out of these habits and away from the noise seemed nearly impossible.

The summer of 2010 was the push I needed. We had decided to move to Traverse City, Michigan. Just google it, its one of the most beautiful places in the United States. This move was the spark I needed. It’s a different way of life. The pace of life here is slower and more deliberate. The people wave when you drive by them. My neighbors are some of the best people with the biggest heart and are always available if you need a helping hand. It’s a perfect place to begin a new adventure and get in touch with my adventurous side and stumble through the self-sufficient life.

I hope you will come along with me on this adventure. I am not an expert on any of the topics that I will be covering in this blog, as you will soon find out as I blog my way through things like canning and hunting. You can subscribe to my Instagram, Fb fan page and Pinterest account to see what I am up to on a regular basis. I am going to try a post a blog twice a month to fill you in on my grand adventures and how those adventures turn out. I am looking forward to connecting with you and will be looking for input on a regular basis from you. Let’s get the adventure started!

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